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80 Trending Birthday Cake Designs for Men, Women & Children

Trending Birthday Cake Designs

What’s a birthday party without a beautifully done cake? Regardless of the age, it’s always a thrill to blow the candles, cut the cake and enjoy all the attention from your loved ones! Off late, cakes have become objects of pride, stature and fulfillment. It may be even safe to state that, in today’s times, cakes are no longer confined to the dessert tables, but have become part of the décor itself!

Whether you are planning for your birthday or that of your loved ones, we assure you that these unique cake designs will sweep you off your mind!

How Did The Cake Tradition All Began?

Before we proceed to the gallery section, let us feed the curious bug inside us with interesting information on the history of cakes! It is believed that the cake tradition existed long before the modern birthday cake was invented. Romans celebrated important occasions like Royal Birthdays and weddings using flat buns that resembled cakes.

In the 17th Century, the idea of having special birthday cake designs was coined by bakers, which used a single-tier and icing with decorations. The cake was cut amongst a group of near and dear ones, who sang the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, followed by a loud applause.

Cakes symbolize happiness, love and bonding! This is why your family or friends make sure to bring one for your birthday celebrations!

80 Creative Birthday Cake Designs for 2020:

Time to take some Cake-spiration with these 30 trending Birthday cake designs for 2020 parties:

1. Aeroplane Fondant Cake:

Aeroplane Fondant Cake

Does your little boy love to soar new heights? Then go for this aeroplane cake which aptly represents his life goals! The single-tier birthday cake is neatly covered blue fondant and decorated with cloud-shaped gumpaste. The highlight is ofcourse, the cute little cake topper which shows a boy zooming away in his red jetplane. You can go for a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake with suitable filling!

2. Hot Air Balloon Cake:

Hot Air Balloon Cake

Talking of the skies, we have another popular cake theme for your baby girl or boy – the hot air balloon! The fascinating cake is specially made for 1st birthdays, using the classic pastel theme. Every element used here, including the 3D balloon, the basket and that curious little Jumbo is handmade with edible fondant. Doesn’t it still tall and pretty on the stand?

3. Angry Birds Two Tier Cake:

Angry Birds Two Tier Cake

If your kid loves playing Angry Birds, this cake might be the best gift ever! The two tiers are designed in two of the most popular birds of this series – Red for Terrance and Yellow – Chuck! Below the fondant is a dark chocolate ganache that cuts down the sweetness. The cake toppers are simple in this case- the gumpaste letters are arranged to form the name of the birthday girl or boy.

4. Football Themed Cake:

Do your have a would-be football star in your house? Then gift him this incredible cake, that is loaded with cocoa goodness! Starting from the base of the cake to the green drip and the decoratives, you cannot get enough of this chocolate temptation. You can notice oreos, M&M’s, milk chocolate bars and white chocolate dripping. Bringing them together to form a football ground is an idea that’s worth a try!

5. Cars Themed Cake:

Car cakes are an instant hit at children’s birthday parties! Especially, when this features the ever-popular Pixar Cars 2 theme, the cheers get even louder. If your child is into this series, then the 3D cake toppers of Flash McQueen and Mater can bring an instant smile on their faces. Adding to this excitement is the red fondant with a chequeredborder. You can get the name and age printed on the front to resemble a car dashboard! Love it? We bet!

6. Mickey Mouse Cartoon Cake:

This adorable Mickey mouse cake is all set to add some fun to your kid’s birthday party! The round-shaped cake has a delicious buttercream icing, which is finger-licking good. The playful texture in red and yellow serves as an amazing background for your favourite cartoon character. The white centre highlights the printed image of Mickey to make everyone smile!

7. Unicorn Cake Design:

The Unicorn fever is still on and doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon! Here is one such cake of this mythical creature in a tall, single tier. The pastel colored buttercream roses add an element of fantasy to the pale white, fondant background. It is the golden horn that we are gushing over, which brings your unicorn to life! Those lovely eyelashes and shiny stars can make your girl head over heels in love with this fellow!

8. Cute Cat Cake:

Cat lovers can celebrate their birthdays with this adorable cake design! The frosted buttercream cake is colored in pink ombre and decorated with puffy marshmallows! Designer macarons in the shape of a cat’s paw, hearts and the birthday age, steal the show. What we love even more? That stylish feline which can make us go “Meow”!

9. Cricket Birthday Cake:

This cake is especially designed for the fortieth birthday of an ardent cricket fan!the green fondant on the cake represents the ground and elements like ball, wickets and stumps are also made with the paste. The fun element is undoubtedly the message “40 Not Out”! with fondant cut letters wishing a Happy Birthday on the board. Did you notice those little stubs of grass growing out?

10. Disney Frozen Themed Cake:

Do you have a daughter aged above 3 years? Then let us make a guess! She loves Frozen and is a biggest fan of Olaf! Right? Well, that was no sorcery! Little girls cannot get enough of Anna and Elsa and when Olaf comes into the scene, it’s a laughing riot. To match their craziness, go for this frosted blue cake with snowflakes, ice balls and a dancing Olafmadeusing fondant!

11. Classy Floral Birthday Cake:

Flower cakes always brighten up our moods and our parties as well! This blue cake is adorned with buttercream flowers that look too good to be real! The unusually vibrant blue color of the body is beautifully contrasted with pinks, white and blue flowers, reminding us for a blooming garden in a fresh pond! Don’t you think your baby girl deserves this prettiness for her 6th birthday?

12. Golf Themed Cake:

Golf themed cakes are very popular among men, especially sportspersons! This realistic cake is a best gift you can give to your dad or grandfather on his 80th birthday. The non-fondant cake is decorated with simple lawn like texture using buttercream. What’s more? A little pond, golf ball, bat and even sand is created to make it an edible golfcourse!

13. Hello Kitty 2-Tier Cake:

One of the most sought after themes for first birthdays is Hello Kitty! The dainty two-tiered cake is designed in white and pink for a baby girl, who is as adorable as the character! Fondant kitties are cut and pasted on the sides of the body with edible gum that looks straight of a drawing book.We highly recommend a vanilla sponge cake with strawberry filling to keep it co-ordinated, inside out!

14. Gym Themed Cake:

Fitness freaks also need a share of cake on their birthdays! This gym themed cake is the most thoughtful idea ever for your husband or father. A single-tiered cake is covered up in red fondant to highlight the innovative cake toppers. They show a man working out in the gym, surrounded by barbells, weights, water bottle and hey, even a Nike bag! How cool is that!

15. Charming Number Cakes:

Tell it out straight and clear that you turned 25 this year! Do away with fancy decorations and fondants and go for this appealing design instead. All you need is to carve the numbers of your sponge cake and make them into two layers. Fill the center with Meringue piping and repeat the same on the surface. Now add berries, flowers and meringues to give it an enchanting look. Simple, yet sensational!

16. Panda Cake For Beginners:

If you want to give a hand at baking, then try this basic homemade birthday cake design. The round cake is decorated with star-shaped icing funnel using black and white colors. It may look laborious, but once you learn how to move your hand freely, you will enjoy the process. With just two colors and a piping bag, you can create this insta-worthy Panda cake!

17. Peppa Pig Cake Idea:

Peppa Pig is a lovable cartoon character with a typical English accent. Most children love to imitate her accent and her activities as well. So, if you notice anything of that sort with your kid, then you might just want to surprise them with this colorful Peppa Pig Cake. The simple, square-shaped sponge is decorated with fondant cutouts of the character, flowers and the lettering to make the event more joyous!

18. Spiderman Cake For Kids:

Trouble brewing in your party? Get this spiderman cake and watch him guard you against the villains! This two-tiered cake features a red, iconic spider web pattern on the top and the silhouette of New York city on the bottom. An inedible Spiderman stands tall and alert as the cake topper. The name and the message can be added on cakeboard by using a fondant base.

19. Carousel Horse Cake:

Carousel cakes will keep the guests talking about your birthday party for ages! If budget is not a problem, then go for these fun merry-go-rounds. Here is one such idea, in which the square base is elevated with three more tiers, all covered with chocolate bars and fondant. The actual Carousel part is done with edible gum paste on cake, decorated with candy bars and sugar horses. From a distance, it does look like a mini fair sitting on your table!

20. Dinosaur Cakes:

Go back to the pre-historic era with this super endearing Dinosaur cake! Honestly, you will have trouble controlling your little guests from grabbing those adorable fondant toppers. You can decide on the number of dinosaurs on the cake without forgetting to add that newly-hatching baby dino! For elder children and adults, fearsome dinosaur cakes can also be custom-made!

21. Rustic or Semi-Nude Cakes:

Looking for a perfect birthday cake for your wife? Go Rustic! Rustic cakes are shabby chic and bring in a romantic feel to the environment. They are exceptionally good for adult birthday parties with a barnyard décor. Another reason why these semi-naked cakes are popular is for their delectable flavor and taste, sans thick fondants and unwanted sugars. These cakes also act as perfect canvas for putting in colorful flowers, seasonal berries and macarons which reveal your impeccable taste!

22. Circus Themed Cake:

A circus is a magical place, filled with plenty of fun and frolic for the kids. If you want to try out this theme for your upcoming birthday party, then we assure you that it’s a great idea! Depending on your budget and taste, you can go for a very elaborate circus design or this simple celebration cake, all done in fondant. It’s colorful and bright- just like the atmosphere in a circus!

23. Intergalaxy and Starry Cake:

This cake is literally “out of the world”! For Kids who love to gaze at the stars in the night, this design brings them closer to the outer space. The outer black fondant is made to resemble a milky way galaxy with a generous spray of white and peach molten chocolate. Fondant balls and milk chocolate shards are decorated to take yourtastebudson an inter-galaxy spree!

23. Antigravity Birthday Cakes:

This gravity-defying cake is will leave your guests in a pleasant shock! The creative design keeps us wondering how those M&M’s are falling out from above, breaking Newton’s laws. Want to know the secret? A couple of sturdy straws concealed creatively under the layer of gems. The rest of the cake is covered up in buttercream and chocolate bars! Doesn’t it make for a real sweet treat?

24. Photo Birthday Cakes:

Relive all your cherishable memories by getting them printed on your cake! It’s a great idea to impress your grandmother or grandfather by turning your cake into an edible photoalbum. The white fondant base is decorated with 3D printed photographs on frosting sheets. Level up a notch by getting a realistic human model as a cake topper! Their 60th birthday cannot get anybetter than this!

25. Barbie Doll Cake:

Surprise your baby girl with this attractive Barbie cake! With the real doll in the center and buttercream roses on the dress, it’s going to be hard for her to contain the excitement. The sponge bun is shaped like the body and the doll is placed in the center! After relishing every bite of the cake, the doll can be taken out and added to her personal Barbie collection. Now that’s what we call, a package!

26. Cupcake Cakes:

Cupcakes and cakes- we heard of them! But cupcake cakes? Yes! That’s a brilliant idea to use cupcakes and covert them into masterpiece cakes, like this flower bouquet! Small cupcakes are placed on the base and arranged in the desired shape. The gaps are filled with a layer of icing and decorated with buttercream flowers and buds. Best part of this concept? You don’t have to struggle with serving the cake pieces, as your guests can easily pull it apart. No wonder why bakers call it the “Pull-Apart” Cake!

27. Harry Potter Themed Cake:

Is your child obsessed with Harry Potter and his magic world? Then, go for this cake design on his birthday and give him the best time of his life! The non-fondant, single tier cake is colored in red and touched with a brush of gold. Cake toppers include- the “HP” logo, the golden Snitch, Hogwarts book of spells with your name written on it! Time for some Hocus Pocus already?

28. Luxury Bags Cake:

Well, a Micheal Kors bag may be out of your reach at present, but the cake isn’t! The seemingly realistic cake gives you the joy of owning a luxury bag without the heavy price tag. Plus, you get to flaunt it at the party and even serve some to your guests. If Mk is not your taste, then ask your designer to replicate a Louis Vuitton, a Hermes or even a Chanel for that batter!

29. Half Birthday Cake:

Here’s an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, white half cake for a little girl or boy celebrating their 6-month milestone! Just bake a 1 kg, round 9 inch cake, cut into half and cover it up with frosting cream or fondant. Easy peasy! Stick in a pre-made cake topper or make one with gumpaste if you are creative! Sprinkle some candies to add some color for that fun, cake smash party!

30. Lion King Cake:

Hakuna Matata is the mantra of the day! After all, it’s your little one’s birthday! So, celebrate the event with much ado and pomp by bringing in Simba and his gang! The picture-perfect, 3 tier cake has every element to impress your guests – including the delicious cake inside. This impressive theme is for children and adults alike!

31. Chocolate Owl Cake for Kids Birthday:

It is an unusual pattern for a birthday cake and captures attention. A treat for the chocolate lovers, it is encased within chocolate and decorated with marzipans, biscuits, and buttons. Try this out for an animal-themed birthday party and win the heart of your kid.

32. Musical Chocolate Collar Cake for Birthday:

This is an 8-inch Devilish Chocolate Cake that is draped in a luscious layer of milk chocolate and loaded with berries and chocolate shards. The recipe looks quite simple – just a basic rich and moist chocolate cake. The musical collar seen in this case is made using chocolate transfer sheets and is a head-turner. This cake is the perfect birthday gift for a music lover!

33. Gruffalo Chocolate Birthday Cake for Children:

That is how the author has named it; but to me, it is looking more like a dino who fell into a huge pool of melted chocolate. The white chocolate horns and nails, the orange chocolate beans eyes, the purple Smarties prickles – all these add to the beauty of this ‘beasty’ cake. This is ideal for a child’s animal-themed birthday party.

34. Pink Hearts Chocolate Birthday Cake for Girls:

Three layers of sinfully rich indulgence adorned with awesomely beautiful tiny pink hearts! Words fall short of describing this cake designed for a teen girl. Choose to bake moist chocolate cake and frost with chocolate ganache for a deadly decadent delight!

35. Chocolaty Indulgence Happy Birthday Cake:

Age chocolaty – that is what this cake says! This cake has been designing for a 40-year-old woman. It has been decorated in such a way that it highlights the grace and femininity every woman has. The beautiful roses and bead necklace are reflections of a beautiful woman. A sure head-turner!

36. Adult Happy Birthday Cake:

Ok, it is called an adult birthday cake! To put it simply, the cake is adorably cute and not to forget, mouthwatering! Who will not drool over this chocolate cake covered with luscious amounts of milk and white chocolate ganache? And, the doggy is inviting us to take a bite of him. Isn’t he?

37. Harry Rabbit Birthday Cake for Girls:

Be it Harry the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or your favourite Bunny rabbit; this cake is sure to wow the kids. Dressed beautifully in a royal white and blue icing, this cake has a chocolate base. You can include this for your kid, irrespective of the age.

38. Hula Birthday Cake for Girls:

Which girl will not love to own a Barbie? And, when Barbie transforms herself into a cake, words will fail you for sure. The first look at this cake proves that. Gorgeous Barbie dolls dressed in beachwear and playing on the sand look attractive.

39. Bacon and Egg Birthday Cake:

To keep it simple, this is a basic yellow cake frosted generously with chocolate frosting. While fondant has been used in making the eggs and bacon, the egg yolks have been made from sugar frosting. This is a treat for the eyes and palate and makes a wonderful gift for those who love bacon and egg breakfast on bed.

40. Girls Birthday Diaper Cake:

This is the perfect gift for a woman who is celebrating her birthday, while she is pregnant.

41. Bunny Cake for 1st Birthday:

A perfect way to celebrate as your cutie turns one year! This cake is an amalgam of two cakes, with one making up the face and the other one halved to render the ears. Frosted with white chocolate or ganache frosting, this cake is made with very fewer food colours keeping in mind the age of the kid. Check out the image – only ears are pink. You can even avoid that and fill the ears with a rich chocolate ganache filling.

42. Age 18th Birthday Cake for Girl:

Welcome your new year with this feminine cake. Pink – it will always remain the favourite colour among girls, irrespective of the age. An 8 inch round cake topped with another bundt cake – both with the same flavours and frosted with a red food colour infused white chocolate frosting – that will give this cake an awesomely rich touch! Check out the makeup kit ingredients that lie scattered around her – girly!

43. Castle Birthday Cake:

Your daughter is a princess and she ought to live in a castle. So gift her a castle her next birthday in the form of this beautiful cake. The white chocolate pillars topped with the pink towers render a typical womanly touch to this cake making it even more adorable. Ask your baker to do the frosting atop a chocolate cake for added richness!

44. Boys Show Cake for Birthday:

At least that is what this cake seems to tell you. A typical running shoe cake, this is an ideal way to tell your partner that it is high time he starts kicking off his fitness regimen. What’s your opinion?

45. 30th Birthday Special Cake Design:

This is a chocolate rich devilish treat for men who are turning 30. The cards, the dice, and the dimes – all these signs that he is matured now! Happy birthday guys!

46. Fruit Basket Cake Design for Birthday:

This looks akin to a basket loaded with fruits. This is a fresh cream covered blueberry bake designed with assorted fruits. Gift it your health conscious partner to make her happier!

47. Barbie Cake for Birthday Girl:

This one is for your little princess who is growing up like a Barbie doll. Dressed in that beautiful pink-layered gown, your daughter and the Barbie look the same. Do not think twice before you order for this one! Ask your baker to use a caramel cake as the base with whipped cream frosting!

48. Age in Style Cake Boys Birthday:

This cake, which has been designed exclusively for men who turn 50, has engravings for his milestones. It displays all the essential moments of a man’s life, including his fitness activities.

49. Butterfly Model Birthday Cake:

A beautiful cake, it symbolizes the way a small girl blossoms into womanhood with elegance and grace. Frosted with white chocolate, this basic sponge cake is quite colourful as a girl in her teens would be. That is what makes this a perfect choice for a teenage girl!

50. Bed Design Birthday Cake for Girl:

That is what this cake will tell your daughter. Complete with a bed, cupboards, friend, and of course her favourite pizza, this cake is a telltale sign that daughters grow up fast.

51. The Fashionista Cake for Girl Birthday:

The moment girls set their feet into adulthood; they start becoming style conscious. They opt for only branded products! And, here is one such gift for your 18 years old replete with a Gucci handbag and sandal! She will adore it!

52. Simple Girls Cake for 18th Birthday:

This is a very simple, yet beautiful cake. Its simplicity is eye-catching. The beautiful girl sitting on the verge of the cake reminds you of the phase a girl or woman passes through at some point in her life. She smiles, as usual, and sits aloof without even bothered to open and see the gifts lying near her. That is how a woman is!

53. 40th Age Birthday Cake:

Remind him sweetly and gently that he is now 40! Yes, there is a milestone there! Along with wishing him, thank him for being with you all these days, irrespective of your temper tantrums! A true dedication for men!

54. Special Beer Mug Cake for Birthday Boy:

This is a treat for all the beer lovers, but with a gentle reminder that excessive alcoholism could be dangerous. Treat him to a mind-boggling chocolate cake frosted with a caramel frosting. The whipped cream topping that swirls off from the top of the mug adds to the authenticity of the cake.

55. Congrats on completing three decades of your life:

Tell her that she has reached an important milestone in her life, passing completing yet another decade successfully! She is the mother of your kids, your better half! What more than this cake could be the best way to tell her how much you adore her!

56. Sweet Golden Happy Birthday Cake:

You have completed five decades in this world, quite successfully! It is time you start planning for your retirement! This is a two-tiered cream frosted sponge cake adorned with black, white, and golden bows!

57. Aged to Perfection Birthday Cake with Photos:

A sweet edible way of telling your hubby that he has aged, but with complete perfection! While the cake used in the picture is a rich fruit cake with cream frosting, you can opt for any cake and icing that suits your palette.

58. Tyre Cake Birthday Boy:

This sinful chocolate decadence is complete with a spanner and cutting pliers. Every man finds himself taking up a technical task at some point of life. If your man has done something similar with utmost pleasure, then, it is time you treat him with his delight! And, do not forget to inscribe those sweet words of love!

59. Happy Birthday, Sis:

Sisters are the best friends – friends for life! And, hence they deserve a special cake. Nevertheless, it does not matter whether your sister is a foodie when it comes to birthday cakes. Here is a beautiful cake just to show your love for her. This is nothing but a simple chocolate sponge cake with blackcurrant and frosted beautifully with a white chocolate buttercream icing. The shades of pink showcase her grace and love she has for everyone.

60. You Completed Our Family Dear:

The arrival of a baby completes a family. From being just partners, we become mom and dad. And, the younger one is always the source of our delight! Acknowledge her presence and celebrate her first birthday with this mind-boggling birthday cake.

61. Doggy Design Birthday Cake:

This cake is an ideal birthday gift the pet lovers. A rich, melt-in-mouth dark chocolate cake adorned with white chocolate shards – this cake looks as if a sleeping dog is taking a nap. It is ideal for a kid’s birthday also as it is inviting and cute.

62. Smirnoff Bottle Design Birthday Cake:

Smirnoff – this vodka is always enticing and so is this lustful cake! Frosted your vodka bottle cake with oodles of Swiss buttercream or luscious white chocolate buttercream, while the base cake will take a rich chocolate one! Red velvet cake can also make a good base for this gift for a vodka lover.

63. Jewellery Set Birthday Cake for Girls:

Win the heart of a woman by gifting her this tiny jewellery topped birthday cake. Despite being frosted with a blue food colour infused Swiss buttercream, this cake looks lusciously inviting. Keep your worries about the calories at ease now and just grab a bite!

64. Carousel Design Birthday Cake:

This cake is a designer piece complete with horses, saddles, tails, and manes. The pink and white colours add a subtle touch of grace to the cake. Even the carousel lights look original!

65. Skull Birthday Cake Design:

This cake fits perfectly into a horror themed party. Replete with a skull, the Starbucks coffee, Fat Boy Harley Davidson, Macallan Scotch, and electrical connectors – all of them being edible – this cake is a dream gift for any man.

66. Bed Cake for Birthday:

Pick it up for your lazy partner! Complete with those pizza boxes, the shoes and sandals scattered across the room, the man was sitting on the laptop without any worries – a perfect gift for the bachelors!

67. The Book Cake for Birthday:

Surprise your book-loving friend or partner with this book cake on her birthday. While this particular cake has been baked and garnered for a special themed party, you can modify it according to your creativity. This is a butter vanilla cake packed with fresh strawberries. It has been designed as an open book and encased in fondant.

68. My Little Pony Birthday Cake:

Rainbows, sunshine, ponies – girls, especially teens, adore these three. That is why this cake is sure to become a hit among teen birthday parties. Quite a calorie-laden delight, it has been made from a rich butter cake with a buttercream frosting, and a mud cake that has been crammed with chocolate ganache filling. Delightfully sinful indulgence!

69. Radley Handbag Birthday Cake Design:

A handbag makes a woman complete, or that is what she feels at least. This requires lots of expertise and patients. Beautifully designed, this cake is sure to win your woman’s heart!

70. Women’s Shoebox Birthday Cake with Name:

This is a visual treat for all those women who love high heels. This shoebox cake is complete with the pearls and the high heel. Made with a moist yellow cake and frosted with chocolate mousse, this cake makes an equally sinful treat for the taste buds too.

71. Chocolate Wasted Cake for Birthday:

Two deliciously lethal levels of chocolate drizzled with the coffee-flavoured Kahlua and frosted with lush chocolate buttercream – that is what this cake is! If the image is leaving your drooling, just imaging take a bite… and you would be in chocolate heaven. This looks complicated, but in fact, it is quite easy to make.

72. Rainbow Cake for Birthday:

This cute, fanciful cake is an adorable treat for the sprinkle lovers. This is multiple layered cakes, with the top and bottom layers being red velvet cake. You can use food colours while baking the rest of the butter sponge cake layers. Frost it with a lush buttercream icing, leaving the top and bottom layers. Freeze thoroughly and then, rain sprinkles using the spoon on top of the cake. Make sure to smoothen it around the edges, pressing mildly so that they stick on to your frosting.

73. Twilight Birthday Cake:

A dedication to the beautiful love saga – Twilight, this cake makes a beautiful embodiment of love. Prepared using a red velvet cake as the base, it makes a romantic gift for your spouse’s or partners’ birthday, especially if she adores Bella and Edward.

74. Ombre Whopper Cake:

It is nothing but your classic cake frosted generously with chocolate buttercream, but what catches the eye here are those cute Whoppers. Allow the cake to set thoroughly after you freeze it so that the whoppers could cling on.

75. Beehive Cake for Birthday Party:

This is one of its kind of birthday cakes that will invite the honey bees to swarm around your cake. This is dedicated to the sophistication and resourcefulness of honey bees. In terms of flavour, it is a brown butter banana cake that is encased in a lush honey buttercream. The bees are marzipan ones.

76. Watermelon Birthday Cake:

Treat the palate of fruit lovers with this awesome looking and tasting watermelon cake. This cake tastes like watermelon too, and it gets its flavour from Watermelon puree and Jell-O. The red food colour gives the white cake base the colour of watermelon flush. Frosted with watermelon flavoured cream cheese frosting, semi-sweet chocolate chips make up for the seeds.

77. Romantic Birthday Cake for Your Love:

A simple birthday cake, it doubles as a romantic proposal cake as well. While red velvet cake makes the base, the cream cheese frosting encases the cake. Frost the cake well before adding the sprinklers. Add a heart topper to make the moments more romantic. You can even use a dark chocolate cake as the base covered in a luxurious white chocolate frosting.

78. Strawberry Basket Cake:

This is a visual indulgence for all the berry lovers. Fresh strawberries are crammed into edible baskets made with white chocolate. On the top, there are few strawberries dipped in white chocolate. The best bet for the cake would be a rich and moist chocolate cake. The berries that lie scattered around the baskets make the cake look more appealing.

79. Strawberry House Birthday Cake:

A beautiful strawberry house resides amidst various adornments – all which edible. The pretty little flower, the strawberries, the 3D lollipops – all these enhance the beauty of the cake. This cake is a pink velvet cake that is frosted with vanilla flavoured Italian meringue.

80. Chevron Birthday Cupcake Tower:

A simple, yet chic looking Chevron tower cake made using fondant; it is a praiseworthy creative work. The cake topper is a luxurious coconut cake with chocolate buttercream while the cupcakes that made up the tower are vanilla flavoured cakes with the same flavoured buttercream.

So, how you like our collection of the latest Birthday Cake Designs? If you have shortlisted an idea, then go for a co-ordinated décor, snacks and desserts to amp up your party game! Hey, did we mention the goodie bags? You can order for personalised return gifts that match the overall theme to give a delightful experience to your guests. If you have any more such cake ideas, do let us know and we will happy to feature them here!

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