Kurti is a traditional Indian outfit that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a versatile garment that can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions. Kurti designs have evolved over time, and now there are many different styles to choose from. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular types of designer kurti designs available today.

Introduction to Kurti Designs

Before we delve into the different types of kurti designs, let’s take a moment to understand what a kurti is. A kurti is a loose-fitting tunic that is worn by women in India, Pakistan, and other countries in the region. It is typically made from cotton, silk, or other lightweight materials and is worn with leggings or churidar pants. Kurtis come in a range of lengths, from short to ankle-length, and can be adorned with various embellishments.

Explanation of Kurtis

A Kurti is a type of tunic that is traditionally worn by women in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is a versatile garment that can be worn with different types of bottoms such as jeans, leggings, or skirts. The length of a Kurti can vary from short to knee-length, and it can be designed with different types of sleeves and necklines.

Kurtis are usually made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen, which make them comfortable to wear in warm weather. They are also available in heavier fabrics such as velvet or denim, which can be worn in colder weather. Kurtis can be adorned with various types of embellishments such as embroidery, prints, or mirror work, which make them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

One of the reasons why Kurtis have gained popularity worldwide is their ability to flatter different body types. Kurtis come in different cuts and styles, which can be selected based on an individual’s body type and personal preferences. Additionally, Kurtis offer women a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional Indian attire such as sarees or salwar kameez.

Brief history and cultural significance

Kurti is a traditional garment that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is a versatile attire that can be worn for casual and formal occasions. Kurtis were traditionally worn by women in Northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and have now gained popularity worldwide.

Kurtis are known for their comfort, ease of wearing, and elegance. They come in various designs, fabrics, and prints that reflect the diverse cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. The traditional Kurti designs are usually made of cotton, silk, or linen, and are adorned with intricate embroidery or prints.

Kurtis have cultural significance as they represent the traditional attire of the women in the Indian subcontinent. They are also considered as a symbol of feminism, as they provide women with a comfortable yet fashionable alternative to traditional sarees or salwar kameez. Today, Kurtis have become a popular choice for women of all ages and backgrounds, and designers are constantly innovating new designs to keep up with the changing fashion trends.

Purpose of the article

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on the different types of Kurti designs that every woman should know in 2023. By using the MECE framework, this article aims to provide detailed information on various Kurti designs that are categorized based on neck designs, sleeve designs, hemline designs, embellishments and prints, fabrics, and styling tips. This article will serve as a go-to resource for women who want to explore new and trendy Kurti designs and help them choose the right Kurti for their body type and occasion. Additionally, the article will provide answers to frequently asked questions related to Kurti designs and styling tips.

34 Different Types of Kurti Designs

Tail Cut Kurti

1. Tail Cut Kurti

Tail reduce kurti with layered pattern is trending for birthday celebration functions. It is brief from one side (front or back) and has a tail like an impact on other aspects. For a more glamorous appearance, you could put on Tail cut kurti with none bottom.

  • When to Wear: Club Parties, Kitty Parties, Dating, College, Casual, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings, Bottomless, Stockings, Jeans, Ethnic Jackets
  • Accessories: Stoles, Jhumkis, Dangle Earrings, Stud Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bags)
  • Footwear: Sandals, Ankle Strap Heels, Peeptoes, Chappals, Wedges, Pumps, Juttis
  • Body Shape: Pear Shape, Hour Glass, Tall Women, Rectangle Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-period
  • Avoid: Formal, Apple body Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Georgette, Crepe, Poly Georgette
A-Line Kurti

2. A-Line Kurti

A-Line kurti is the maximum favored amongst youngsters. It reaches to the calf or ankle, and it has flare from the waist for making ‘A’ fashioned panel. There is a big collection of a-line kurtis in the market, available in distinct colorations, shades, embroidery designs, and patterns.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Formal, Festive, Daily Wear, College put on, Dating, Parties
  • Pairing: Leggings, Churidar, Jeggings, Jeans, Patiala, Matching or comparison Capri, Tights, Dhoti Pants
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Jhumkis, Dangle Earrings, Chain Pendants, Wooden Bangles, Delicate Bracelets, Leather Strap Watch, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bags, Hand Bags)
  • Footwear: Sandals, Bellies, Pumps, Kolhapuris, Mojri
  • Body Shape: Pear form body, Hourglass Shape, Rectangle Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-length, Long
  • Avoid: Women with extensive shoulders, Apple Shape, Inverted Triangle
  • Fabric: All types of fabric

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Trail Cut Kurti

3. Tail Cut Kurti

The trail cut kurti today’s in fashion now. It is pretty exceptional from c-reduce kurti. It has C-cuts on both facets. Note that the texture of substances can change the general appearance of kurti, so choose materials like georgette chiffon silk crepe with border embroidery to enhance the look of designer cuts.

  • When to Wear: Dating, Casual, Festive, Parties, Outing, College, Evening Wear
  • Pairing: Leggings, Treggings, Jeggings, Jeans, Tights, Bottom Less, Stockings, Tulip Pants
  • Accessories: Delicate Chain Watches, Choker Necklace, Dangle Earrings, Stud Earrings, Jhumkis, Anklets, Cuff Bracelet, Bags (Clutches, Sling Bags, Totes)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Gladiators, Bellies, Kolhapuris, Sandals
  • Body form: Hour Glass, Pear Shape, Triangle Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-period, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Patiala, Dhoti, Haram, Shorts, Skirts, Apple Body Shape
  • Fabric: Rayon, Georgette, Polyester, Modal, Cotton
Anarkali Kurti

4. Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali kurti is perfect for that grace and beauty of the traditional look. Anarkalis are going nicely with every body shape

  • When to Wear: Daily, Formal, Casual, Wedding, and any other conventional functions, Festive, College put on, Party, Pooja.
  • Pairing: Leggings, Churidar, Patiala, Palazzo, Long Flared Skirt, Ankle Jeans, Jeggings, Ethnic Jackets
  • Accessories: Jhumkis, Dangle Earrings, Multi-Strand Necklace, Bangles, Delicate Bracelets, Watches, Scarves and Stoles, Head chain, Bags (Sling bag and Clutch, Potli Bags)
  • Footwear: Kolhapuris, Flats, Jutis/Mojaris, Pumps, Sandals, Bellies, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Rectangle form body, Apple shape body, Pear form frame, Hour-glass form frame
  • Length: Knee-length, Ankle Length, Calf Length, Floor Length
  • Avoid: Long Trips, Stockings
  • Fabric: Cotton, Silk, Georgette, Net and Chanderi, Poly Viscose, Brocade, Brasso
Angrakha Kurti

5. Angrakha Kurti

This is the clean version of the former instances tunics worn by way of the royal court’s musicians. For ideal conventional appearance, beautify it with beads, hangings, or stylish Pom Pom. Angrakha kurti in Anarkali fashion is the latest trend. Bollywood divas are in love with Angrakha kurti because of its female and elegant look.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Party, Formal, Daily, Festive, College, Wedding
  • Pairing: Jeans, Churidar, Leggings, Straight Pant, Tights, Skirts, Palazzo
  • Accessories: Dangle Earrings, Oxidized Jewelry, Head Chains, Diamond Bracelets, Bangles, Bags (Classy Clutch, Potli Bags, Sling Bags, Totes), Scarves & Stoles
  • Footwear: Juti, Kolhapuris, Sandals, Wedges, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Apple form frame, Pear form frame, Rectangle Shape frame, Hour-glass form body
  • Length: Short, Knee-duration, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Jacket, Stockings, Bottom Less
  • Fabric: Silk, Georgette, Chiffon, Net, and Chanderi, Cotton
Dhoti Style Kurti

6. Dhoti Style Kurti

In ladies fashion, Dhoti style like Dhoti pants, Dhoti Saree, Dhoti Dress, Dhoti Gown, etc. Are high in away. Women just love to put on such present-day versions of traditional garb. Recently, Dhoti kurti has gained masses of appreciation. It is loose to put on and gives clothier look to stand out in parties. In Dhoti style, drapes may start from yoke or bodice with dressmaker cuts and creative patterns. The attached belt is a modern pattern for dhoti fashion kurti and flatters feminine curves.

  • When to Wear: Parties, Weddings, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Tights, Stockings (try printed or lacy for additional fun) and Bottomless
  • Accessories: Double Stud Earrings, Earcuff, Ear Jacket, Bags (Clutch, Hand-Held Bags), Anklets
  • Footwear: Heels, Peep Toes, Bellies, Sandals
  • Length: Knee-duration, Ankle-length, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Jeans, Skirt, Patiala, Palazzo, Straight Pant, Interview, Daily Wear, Formal, Rectangle Body Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape
  • Body Shape: Pear shape, Apple Shape, Triangle Shape, Hourglass Shape
  • Fabric: Georgette, Silk Georgette, Rayon, Bamberg, Lace, Satin
Flared Kurti

7. Flared Kurti

The trend of flares put fashion on fire, e.G., extensive flared kurtis in Anarkali style does wonders. Beacons are feminine beauty and supply an appropriate, luxurious look for birthday party time. Both wide flared kurtis in addition to narrow flared kurtis are available in the market. Flared hemline looks top on tall girls, so petite women ought to try to avoid it.

  • When to Wear: Casual put on, Party put on, Wedding, Festive.
  • Pairing: Leggings, Ankle Jeans, Patiala (Short Length Kurti), Churidar, Ethnic Jackets, Bottom Less, Straight Pants, Tights
  • Accessories: Jhumkis, Dangle Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Delicate Watches, Bangles, Stoles, Bags (Clutch, Sling baggage, and Totes)
  • Footwear: High heels, Bellies, Mojaris, Kolhapuris, Wedges, Ethnic Chappals, Gladiators
  • Length: Short, Knee-length, Calf length, Ankle length, Floor Length
  • Avoid Palazzo, Skirt; Formal put on, Shorts, Inverted Triangle Shape.
  • Body Shape: Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Hour Glass Shape, Triangle Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Georgette, Chanderi Silk, Rayon, Crepe, Polyester
Indo-Western Style Kurti

8. Indo-Western Style Kurti

You can create a fashion statement using blending western and Indian fashion. Mostly, the appearance of the west is given with the aid of unique neckline, sleeve styles, or specific thrilling cuts.

  • When to Wear: Non-conventional Events, Casual, Parties, Romantic Date, College, Outing, Evening Wear
  • Pairing: Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings, Stockings, Tights, Shorts, Jackets, Straight Pant, Dhoti, Bottomless, Tulip Pants
  • Accessories: Ear Cuffs, Head Chains, Cuff Bracelets, Ring Bracelets, Choker Necklace, Fringe Necklace, Multi Strand Neckpiece, Anklets, Watches, Scarves, Hats, Sun Glasses, Belts, Bags (Totes, Sling, Wallet)
  • Length: Short, Knee-length, Long
  • Footwear: Casual Shoes, Boots, Bellies, Sneakers, Pumps, Peep toes, Gladiators
  • Avoid: Patiala, Skirt, Churidar
  • Body Shape: All body type
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Crepe, Viscose, Georgette, Silk, Sati
Floor-length/Gown fashion kurti

9. Floor-length/Gown fashion kurti

This is Indian equal of nighttime gowns. These days, it’s miles favored fashion assertion in Bollywood for its rich & royal look. You may have seen that most B-city divas pick ground period Anarkali to look excellent.

  • When to Wear: Wedding, Reception, Parties, Festive, Pre-wedding Shoot
  • Pairing: No want of bottom or pair it with leggings, Jackets
  • Accessories: Chandbali Earrings, Jhumkis, Drop Earrings, Bangles, Kada Bracelets, Watch, Head Chain, Bags (Clutch, Potli Bags, Sling Bags)
  • Footwear: Heels, Pumps, Peeptoes, Kolhapuris, Wedges, Sandals
  • Body Shape: Apple form body, Pear form body, Rectangle shape body, Hour-glass shape body
  • Length: Floor-duration (Full Length)
  • Avoid: Trip, Casual Occasion, Stole, Petite shape frame
  • Fabric: Raw Silk, Taffeta, Net, Satin, Polyester, Georgette, Crepe, Cotton
Long Straight Kurti

10. Long Straight Kurti

Nowadays, lengthy, directly kurti is incomplete demand. You look taller in the instant hemline. Also, it gives an impressive professional appearance. Avoid short sleeves. As lengthy immediately, kurti looks beautiful with full-sleeves.

  • When to Wear: Formal, Daily put on, Party, Interview, College, Festive, Dating, Outing, Wedding
  • Pairing: Leggings, Straight Pant, Churidars, Skinny Jeans, Palazzo, Skirt, Patiala, Tights, Dhoti Pants, Jacket
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Watch, Stoles, Scarves, Bags(Backpacks, Sling, Tote, Handheld baggage)
  • Footwear: Flats, Heels, Kolhapuris, Wedges, Pumps, Peep Toes
  • Body Shape: Rectangle Shape Body, Hour-glass Shape Body, Apple Shape
  • Length: Knee-duration, Calf duration
  • Avoid: Stockings, Petite, Pear Shape Body, Bottomless
  • Fabric: Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Georgette, Crepe, Viscose, Silk, Mashru
Pakistani Kurti

11. Pakistani Kurti

Generally, they may be lengthy, directly, and baggy.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Summer, Office put on, Daily wear, Party wears with heavy embroidery, Trip, College.
  • Pairing: Leggings, Treggings, Jeans, Straight Pant, Jacket, Palazzo, Skirt
  • Accessories: Long neck portions, Dangle Earrings, Tassel Drop Earrings, Chandbali Earrings, Ring Set, Stoles, Watch, Bags (Handheld luggage, Totes, Sling luggage, Clutch)
  • Footwear: Heels, Sandals, Wedges, Kolhapuris, Pumps
  • Body Shape: Rectangle Shape Body, Pear Shape Body, Hourglass Shape
  • Length: Calf Length, Ankle Length
  • Avoid: Patiala, Dhoti, Skirt, Harem Pants, Apple Shape Body
  • Fabric: Georgette, Polyester, Rayon, Crepe, Lawn Cotton
Colour-block Kurti

12. Colour-block Kurti

Color block kurti is described using featuring contrasting colors in energetic blocks. It makes a top-notch select for those who like to make a formidable statement. Just make sure to choose the combination of colors that work properly together.

  • When to Wear: College, Summer, Casual, Outing, Party, Dating, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Ankle Jeans, Straight Pant, Palazzo, Skirt, Denim Jacket
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Double Stud Earrings, Ear Jackets, Multi-Strand Neckpiece, Watch, Scarves, Sunglasses, Bags (Backpacks, Sling Bags, Clutch, Wallet)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Sandals, Sneakers, Chappals, Bellies, Peep Toes
  • Body Shape: Apple shape frame, Rectangle Shape Body, Pear Shape Body, Hour-glass Shape
  • Length: Knee-length, Calf-period
  • Avoid: Interview, Wedding, Printed Bottoms
  • Fabric: Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Georgette, Crepe, Silk, Viscose, Cotton Spandex, Poly Cotton
Printed Kurti

13. Printed Kurti

From simple block print to virtual print, things simply cross on and on for this avant-garde kurti trend. You don’t require more significant accessories with published kurti.

  • When to Wear: Summer, Daily Wear, Formal, Casual, Festive, Wedding (Foil Print), College, Dating, Trip
  • Pairing: Leggings, Patiala, Jeggings, Jeans, Trousers, Tights, Skirts, Palazzo, Dhoti, Straight Pants, Tulip Pants
  • Accessories: Hoop Earrings, Ring Set, Ring Bracelet, Cuff Bracelet, Watch, Sunglasses, Scarves/Stoles, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bags, Totes)
  • Footwear: Kolhapuri, Bellies, Pumps, Sandals, Wedges, Peep toes
  • Length: Short, Knee-duration, Calf duration
  • Avoid: Printed Bottoms
  • Body Shape: Apple shape frame, Rectangle Shape Body, Pear Shape Body, Hour-glass Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Rayon, Crepe, Silk, Polyester, Georgette, Viscose, Cotton Spandex, Poly Cotton, Chiffon

14. Shirt Style Kurti

This fusion of Indian kurti and western shirt is a modern-day choice for your office wardrobe! You appearance expert as well as fashionable using carrying this blouse fashion kurti. Just make sure that the material is skin-friendly so that you feel snug at work-region.

  • When to Wear: Office wear, Casual, Interview, Dating, College, Daily Wear, Outing
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeans, Jeggings, Treggings, Pants, Palazzo, Skirt, Shorts, Leather Jacket
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Choker Necklace, Fringe Necklace, Multi-Strand Necklace, Ear Cuffs, Watch, Belts, Scarves/Stoles, Bags (Sling, Totes, Backpacks)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Flats, Bellies, Kolhapuris, Sneakers, Moccasin, Peep Toes, Gladiators, Boots
  • Body Shape: Rectangle shape frame, Hour-glass shape frame (with belt), Pear Shape Body Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-period, Calf Length, Ankle length
  • Avoid: Bracelet, Petite Body Shape, Apple Body Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Crepe, Rayon, Polyester, Viscose, Georgette, Denim

15. High-low Kurti

High-low is a cutting-edge sort of kurti. In this type of kurti, the front hem is shorter as compared to the back. The High-low kurti not simplest offers you elegant looks but additionally adds a feminine touch to the attire.

  • When to Wear: Party, Wedding, Reception, Casual, Formal put on, College, Dating, Trip, Pre Wedding Shoot
  • Pairing: Leggings, Treggings, Jeggings, Jeans, Tights, Bottomless, Shorts, Stockings, Palazzo, Skirt, Pant
  • Accessories: Tribal Necklace, Dangle Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Ear Jackets, Watch, Wooden Kada, Dupatta, Belt, Bags (Sling, Hand-held, Tote)
  • Footwear: Heels, Gladiator, Casual shoes, Moccasins, Wedges, Sandals, Bellies, Sneakers, Boots
  • Body Shape: Apple form body, Rectangle Shape Body, Pear Shape Body, Hour-glass Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-duration, Long
  • Avoid: Petite Body Shape, Backpack
  • Fabric: Cotton, Crepe, Rayon, Cotton Spandex, Polyester, Viscose, Georgette, Denim, Silk
Kaftan Style Kurti

16. Kaftan Style Kurti

Kaftan stimulated kurtis have marked their place in today’s women’s wardrobe. These loose match clothing with huge drop sleeves oozes glamour, sophistication, and fantastic fashion.

  • When to Wear: Summer, Beach Parties, Casual, Get- together, Maternity, College, Trip, Party
  • Pairing: Jeans, Jeggings, Tights, Leggings, Treggings, Bottomless, Shorts, 3/4ths, Straight Pants
  • Accessories: Hoop Earrings, Stud Earrings, Wooden Kada, Cuff Bracelets, Anklets, Sunglasses, Hat, Watch, Bags (Totes, Clutch, Sling Bags, Handheld luggage)
  • Footwear: Heels, Boots, Pumps, Chappals, Flip flops, Bellies
  • Body Shape: Rectangle Body shape, Hour-glass Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape, Apple Shape Body
  • Length: Short, Knee-period, Calf length, Ankle duration
  • Avoid: Bangles, Loose Bottoms (Palazzo, Skirt), Belt
  • Fabric: Georgette, Rayon, Crepe, Chiffon
Princess-Cut Kurti

17. Princess-Cut Kurti

Princess seams are created on kurti for flattering feminine curves. It is used for sample fitting as well as design elements. Generally, there’s no side opening in the princess to reduce kurti.

  • When to Wear: College, Daily Wear, Office Wear, Festive, Wedding
  • Pairing: Leggings, Treggings, Churidar, Jeans, Jeggings, Tights, Palazzo, Patiala, Dhoti, Skirt
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Ear Jackets, Bangles, Cuff Bracelet, Watch, Bags (Clutch, Sling, Hand-held, Tote)
  • Footwear: Wedges, Flats, Bellies, Pumps, Kolhapuris, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Hour-glass Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape, Apple Shape Body, Strawberry Shape Body
  • Length: Short, Knee-period, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Harem Pants
  • Fabric: All forms of fabric
Asymmetric Kurti

18. Asymmetric Kurti

If you become bored of straight hemline, simply try kurti with an asymmetrical hemline. It gives an illusion of height. Generally, kurtis are made of lightweight fabric like chiffon, crepe, and georgette.

  • When to Wear: Daily wear, Evening events, Casual, College, Trip, Dating, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Skinny jeans, Churidar, Jeggings, Bottoms Less, Tights, Pant
  • Accessories: Bags (Sling, Hand-held, Tote, Clutch), Watch, Sunglasses, Hoop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Tassel Drop Earrings, Double Stud Earrings, Long Chain Pendant, Bracelets, Belt, Scarves
  • Footwear: Gladiator, Pumps, PeepToes, Flats, Sandals, Wedges, Boots
  • Body Shape: Hour-glass Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape, Pear Shape, Rectangle Shape
  • Length: Short, Knee-length, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Patiala, Skirt, Palazzo, Apple Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Georgette, Rayon, Polyester, Crepe, Viscose, Silk, Chanderi
C-Cut Kurti

19. C-Cut Kurti

This present-day kurti is just like high-low kurti. If you are tall girls, C-reduce kurti suits you well. It also makes you look slimmer and elegant.

  • When to Wear: Club events, Kitty events, and Dating, College, Trip, Festive, Wedding, Reception
  • Pairing: Leggings, Treggings, Jeggings, Jeans, Bottom Less, Tights, Churidar, Palazzo, Patiala
  • Accessories: Anklets, Wooden Bangles, Charm Bracelet, Drop Earring, Ear jackets, Half Hoop Earring, Big Stud Earring, Watches, Bags (Sling, Clutch, Hand-held, Totes)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Gladiator, Bellies, Sneakers, Boots, Peep Toes, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape, Apple Body Shape, Strawberry Shape Body
  • Length: Short, Knee-length, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Formal, Skirts, Triangle Body Shape, Pear Body Shape
  • Fabric: Cotton, Viscose, Georgette, Rayon, Linen, Polyester
Tulip Kurti

20. Tulip Kurti

Tulip fashioned kurti is a flattering need-to-have style for any university going girl. Its modern tulip shape layout on hemline makes it one of a kind from different kurtis. It helps you to create an extended-lasting impact at any birthday party or wedding.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Dating, Party, Festive, College
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Tights, Jeans, Straight Pants,
  • Accessories: Statement Necklace, Drop Earring, Hoop Earring, Ring set, Cuff Bracelet, Bags (Sling, Clutch, Potli Bags)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Peep Toes, Sandals, Kolhapuris, Juttis, Wedges
  • Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape, Apple Shape, Inverted Triangle, Strawberry Shape, Rectangle Shape
  • Length: Knee-period, Calf duration
  • Avoid: Interview, Patiala, Skirts, Dhoti, Pear Shape Body, Bottomless
  • Fabric: Georgette, Rayon, Polyester, Viscose, Cotton, Crepe

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Overlay Kurti

21. Overlay Kurti

Make yourself stand out of the crowd by using donning overlay kurti. This particular patterned kurti capabilities mild weight complete length overlay starting from the waist.

  • When to Wear: Dating, Party, Wedding, Reception, Festive
  • Pairing: Bottomless, Leggings, Jeggings, Tights, Salwar, Palazzo, Straight Pants
  • Accessories: Statement Necklace, SS Chain Watch, Ring Set, Cuff Bracelet, Hoop Jhumki Earring, Geometrical Neckpiece, Anklets, Bags (Sling, Clutch, Hand Bag)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Peep Toes, Wedges, Bellies, Chappal, Sandals, Juttis
  • Body Shape: All Body Types
  • Length: Knee-Length, Full period
  • Avoid: Skirt, Boot, Jacket, Stoles, Plump Women, Petite Women
  • Fabric: Silk, Cotton, Rayon, Georgette, Crepe, Viscose, Modal
Double Layered Kurti

22. Double Layered Kurti

Double layered kurtis are precisely what they sound. Designed with a further layer, that kurtis deliver a gorgeous equipped-made layered look! Nowadays, a wide range of double-layered kurtis are available in the marketplace with each undetachable and extra removable layer.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Festive, College, Dating, Wedding, Reception
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Tights, Churidar, Jeans, Palazzo
  • Accessories: Multi-Layered Necklace, Spike Necklace, Interlocking hoop earring, Drop Earring, Ear Jacket, Cuff Bracelet, Bags (Sling Bag, Clutch, Totes)
  • Footwear: Pumps, Sandals, Jutti, Wedges, Chappals, Peep Toes
  • Length: Knee duration, Calf period
  • Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape, Apple Shape, Rectangle Shape, Pear Shape
  • Avoid: Boot, Jacket, Stoles, Interview, Plump Women, Petite Women
  • Fabric: Cotton, Poly Cotton, Viscose, Georgette, Crepe, Polyester
Reversible Kurti

23. Reversible Kurti

Reversible kurti is like getting two portions for the charge of one! It may be worn both inside-out developing two specific suitable looks. Of course, it’s a splendid way to make bigger your travel cloth wardrobe. So, keep a watch out for reversible kurtis that serve double duty and make your wardrobe pass so much further.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Formal, Interview, Daily Wear, College, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans, Palazzo, Skirt
  • Accessories: Drop Earrings, Stud Earrings, Wooden Kada, Chain Bracelet, Watch, Stoles, Bags (Handbag, Sling Bag, Clutch, Totes)
  • Footwear: Heels, Flats, Juti/Mojari, Chappal, Bellies, Wedges, Sandal
  • Length: Hip Length, Knee duration & Calf duration
  • Body Shape: All body type
  • Avoid: Boot, Wedding, Parties
  • Fabric: Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Georgette, Wool, Brocade
Pintuck Kurti

24. Pintuck Kurti

Pintucks or ornamental pleats in the material are a sublime addition within the style world. Pintuck Kurtis has come to be extremely popular and has made their manner at the fashion ramps. Kurtis, with tricky designs with pintucks at the necklines, are a have to have in each vogue cloth cabinet!

  • When to Wear: Casual, Daily Wear, College, Trip, Festive, Wedding (Heavy Worked), Parties, Dating
  • Pairing Style: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans, Bottomless, Stocking, Tights
  • Accessories: Jhumkis, Hoop Earrings, Ear Jacket, Tassel Drop Earrings, Multi Chain Necklace, Cuff Bracelet, Bangle Bracelet, Bags (Clutch, Handheld bag, Totes, Sling Bag), Stoles
  • Footwear: Heels, Flats, Juttis, Bellies, Pumps, Sandals, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Apple Shape, Hour Glass Shape, Pear Shape
  • Avoid: Skirt, Palazzo, Interview, Jackets,
  • Length: All Length
Slit Kurti

25. Slit Kurti

They are the new craze within the fashion world. Slits are a definite manner to add some glamour and luxurious touch to the outfit. Kurtis, with slits within the front or aspects, are the excellent combination with declaration palazzos or skirts. Pair them with embroidered cigarette pants or ripped jeans and set your style parameter ablaze.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Daily Wear, Trip, Festive, Wedding (Heavy Worked), Parties, Maternity Clothes
  • Pairing Style: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans
  • Accessories: Chandbali Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Ring Set, Jhumkis, Chain Bracelet, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bag, Potli Bag)
  • Footwear: Heels, Flats, Juttis, Bellies, Pumps, Sandals
  • Body Shape: Apple Shape, Hour Glass Shape, Pear Shape, Triangle Shape, Rectangle Shape, Banana Shape
  • Avoid: Skirt, Palazzo, Interview, Jackets, Petite Women
  • Length: Knee period, Calf Length, Mid-Calf Length
Denim Kurti

26. Denim Kurti

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of denim kurtis among women. These versatile and trendy garments have become a staple in the fashion industry and are highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will explore the world of denim kurtis and highlight the various features that make them so unique.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Daily Wear, Trip, Formal, Maternity Clothes, Dating, Interview
  • Pairing Style: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans, Tights, Skirt (Slit Kurti), Palazzo
  • Accessories: Dangle Earring, Delicate Chain Necklace, Bangle Bracelet, Anklet, Bags (Clutch, Totes, Shoulder Bag, Sling Bag), Scarves, Watch
  • Footwear: Heels, Flats, Juttis, Bellies, Pumps, Sandal, Peep Toes
  • Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape, Pear Shape, Triangle Shape, Rectangle Shape, Banana Shape
  • Avoid: Apple Shape
  • Length: Knee duration, Above Knee
Kurti With Jacket

27. Kurti With Jacket

Inspired from the ‘Ishaqzaade’ look of Parineeti kurtis teamed with contrasting jackets are pretty a rage in global of haute couture. Kurtis with statement jackets can create both a thug or a fashionable appearance depending on how one wants to convey it!

  • When to Wear: Casual, Trip, Festive, Wedding (Heavy Worked), Parties, Dating, College
  • Pairing Style: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans, Palazzo, Straight Pants, Skirt, Shorts
  • Accessories: Collar Necklace, Boho Neckpiece, Dangle Earrings, Ear Jacket, Ear Cuff, Cuff Bracelets, Ring Set, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bag, Totes), Chain Bracelet Watch
  • Foot Wear: Heels, Flats, Bellies, Pumps, Peep toes, Sneaker, Sandals, Boots, Juttis
  • Body Shape: Apple Shape, Hour Glass Shape, Pear Shape, Triangle Shape, Rectangle Shape, Banana Shape
  • Avoid: Interview, Petite Women, Plump Body Shape
  • Length: Knee-Length, Below Knee Length
  • Fabric: Georgette, Crepe, Rayon, Satin, Raw Slik
Empire Waist Kurti

28. Empire Waist Kurti

Inspired from empire waist gown, these kurtis tapers from the bust and flow through the entire period. Team them up with an identical legging or genuinely deliver them like a dress. The extent of elegance is entirely upto you!

  • When to Wear: Casual, Outing, College, Festive, Formal
  • Pairing Style: Leggings, Jeggings, Treggings, Jeans (comparison), Straight Pants, Shorts, Stockings, Tights
  • Accessories: Delicate Chain Necklace, Ear cuff, Stud Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Ring Set, Bags (Wallet, Sling Bag, Totes), Watch
  • Foot Wear: Heels, Chappals, Bellies, Pumps, Sneaker, Sandals, Boots, Gladiator
  • Body Shape: All Body Shape
  • Avoid: Interview, Denim Jackets (Same Color), Ethnic Jewelry
  • Length: Above Knee, Knee, Calf Length
  • Fabric: Cotton, Denim
Tiered Kurti

29. Tiered Kurti

Adding up quirky tiers of fabric into the standard kurti cult is all approximately creativity within the fashion industry. Tiered Kurtis adds volume to the natural frame body. He looks extraordinarily classy while worn with assertion bottoms and add-ons.

  • When to Wear: Festive, Casual, Wedding, Kitty Parties
  • Pairing Style: Patiala Salwar, Dhoti Salwar, Leggings, Jeans, Churidar, Palazzo, Skirts
  • Accessories: Chandbali Earrings, Hoop Earring, Jhumkis, Bangles, Charm Bracelets, Bags (Clutches, Sling Bags, Hand-Held Bags)
  • Foot Wear: Juttis, Sandals, Wedges, Chappals
  • Body Shape: Hour Glass, Pear Shape, Banana Shape
  • Avoid: Plump ladies, Formal, Stoles, Jeggings, Treggings, Statement Neck Piece
  • Length: Above Knee, Knee, Calf Length
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Crepe, Viscose, Rayon

30. Cape Style Kurti

Cape has continuously been a much-loved style trend. These ultra-chic indo western kurtis are a fantastic choice to make heads turn anywhere you move.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Festive, Dating
  • Pairing: Leggings, Churidar, Tights, Dhoti Pants
  • Accessories: Long Pendant Necklace, Stud Earrings, Dangler Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Ring Set, Clutch
  • Footwear: Sandals, Bellies, Peep Toes, Wedges
  • Body Shape: Pear form body, Hourglass Shape, Rectangle Shape
  • Length: Knee-length, Long
  • Avoid: Women with massive shoulders, Apple Shape, Inverted Triangle
  • Fabric: Rayon, Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe

31. Kurta with Pocket

Nothing can give your ethnic put on a better modern twist than pocket detailing. This versatile pattern is certainly a must-have addition to all modern-day Indian women out there.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Formal, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Churidar, Palazzo
  • Accessories: Multi Strand Necklace, Stud Earrings, Dangler Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Bracelet Watch, Statement Rings, Clutch
  • Footwear: Sandals, Bellies, Chappals, Mojaris
  • Body Shape: Hourglass Shape, Rectangle Shape, Apple Shape
  • Length: Knee-Length, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Pear Shape, Inverted Triangle
  • Fabric: Rayon, Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Cotton, Poly Cotton

32. Cold Shoulder Kurti

Cold Shoulder is the best fashion in the town.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Festive, Dating, Parties
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Jeans
  • Accessories: Long Pendant Necklace, Stud Earrings, Dangler Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Ring Set, Clutch, Sling Bag
  • Footwear: Sandals, Bellies, Peep Toes, Wedges, Juttis/Mojaris
  • Body Shape: All Body Shapes
  • Length: Knee-duration, Calf Length
  • Fabric: Crepe, Cotton, Silk, Poly Cotton

33. Frock Style Kurti

This one is the suitable pick to expose your chirpy girly facet. With a regular flare on the quit, that kurtis are acknowledged to provide a pleasing indo-western appearance. So, make sure to offer it a try to startle your peers.

  • When to Wear: Casual, Outing, College
  • Pairing: Leggings, Jeggings, Tights
  • Accessories: Delicate Necklace, Charm Bracelets, Stud Earrings
  • Footwear: Sandals, Bellies, Peep Toes, Wedges
  • Body Shape: Apple Shape, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle
  • Length: Knee-length, Thigh Length
  • Avoid: Pear Shape, Triangle Shaped Body
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester, Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe

34. Cowl Kurti

Cowl kurti should strive for fashion statement kurti. It comes with asymmetric draped cover hemline, which falls in a different way to beautify the style appeal of kurti. Cowl kurti is perfect for fashion-conscious women who want to create a wow impact all through parties.

  • When to Wear: Parties, Weddings, Festive
  • Pairing: Leggings, Tights or Bottomless
  • Accessories: Stud Earrings, Earcuff, Bags (Clutch, Sling Bags) Anklets
  • Footwear: Stilettos, Sandals, Heels, Peep Toes, Bellies
  • Length: Knee-length, Ankle-length, Calf Length
  • Avoid: Jeans, Skirt, Patiala, Palazzo, Straight Pant, Formal, Daily Wear
  • Body Shape: Pear shape, Apple Shape, Hourglass Shape
  • Fabric: Georgette, Silk, Rayon, Cotton

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


A – The Kurti is a feminine garment worn from shoulder length upto waist or slightly above the knees. Also called the Indian tunic, it’s miles just like the conventional Kurta but shorter. Compared to the Kurta, the Indian kurti is of lighter cloth, more often than not worn tighter and usually is paired well with jeans, skirts, or lehengas.


A – The conventional Indian Kurta is worn both by using women and men with differences most effective in neck styling, designs, borders, and certain other functions precise to womanly taste. The ladies’ Kurta is commonly worn over a loose-fitting pajama, a salwar, a skin-tight churidar, or a wrapped around dhoti of silk, cotton, or khadi. However, there may be other personal alternatives too.


A – The Kurti and ladies’ Kurta are worn ordinarily inside the Asian sub-continent in international locations like India, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and nations in which there are wallet of NRI population.


A – Five exceptional body shapes outline the structure of the frame
1. Apple Shape – Apple shape body typically consists of the weight around the mid component and has a medium or massive bust size, no waist definition, and has a reasonably big tummy.
2. Pear Shape – Pear shape frame is characterized via smaller shoulders and bust with more massive hips and thighs with waist definition. Many Indian girls have a pear shape body.
3. Inverted triangle form – Large shoulders, upper frame broader than hips, skinny thighs, and little or no waist definition.
4. Square Shape – Square shape frame has a moderate waist definition with identical width upper body and hips. The square shape is missing in curves.
5. Hour Glass Shape – The upper body and hips have nearly equal width with waist definition. This frame shape called curvy determine very famously amongst teenage women


A – Based on the body shape, the following recommendations will be intently followed.
1. For Apple fashioned
Dark Color kurti that make one appearance slim in cotton or silk. The neckline should be simple formed, V-shaped, and decorated with embroideries and light layout. Flare and cuff sleeves improve matters.
To be avoided
Shapeless or free fitting kurti that falls far away from the tummy or a yoked style one which draws attention to the upper body. Kurti does not go well with Patiala or shalwar.
2. For Pear shaped

Light coloured Kurtis with darkish colored Patialas for a balanced look. Kurti with collar pattern, boat neck, square neck with a bishop or roughed sleeves, and slightly longer kurti.
To be avoided
Body-hugging fabrics, tight bottoms that highlight the lower half.
3. For Inverted triangle shape
Kurti with soft sleeves, like raglans and defining the waist. Collar-less Kurti with horizontal stripes and prints, flaring on the size. Low U, V necklines.
To be avoided
Shoulder pads and robust shoulder details. No high necklines and bulky collar pattern.
4. For Square shape

Kurtas fit this body type. Belted Kurti or one that tightens waist or torso to outline waist shape. Anarkali fashion kurti with slim bottoms but what centrally stretches on the waistline. Kurti with front panel detailing and pleating.
To be avoided
Straight tight kurti and unfastened becoming one too.
5. For Hour Glass shape
Waist defining kurti, giving proper form to the curves. Fit and flare kurti with traditional work. Low and bust improving necklines to slim down the upper frame. Kurti has to increase simply beneath the hips. The bottom has to be immediately and hugging across the hipbones.
To be avoided
Loose ill-fitting kurti that hides the curves, cumbersome pattern in shape that makes the wearer appearance fat.


A – 1. Knee period and lengthy kurti with matching leggings, Patiala, in shape nearly any age of a woman and almost any occasion.
2. Kurtis and denim more often than not worn through mid-age women and university girls. Hem period and hip length kurtis go well with thin, fitted jeans. Black and blue denim are easily matched with any kurtis.
3. For the trendy and modish, not anything like formal print waist duration loose kurti tunic paired with shorts.
4. The short skirt is going nicely only with brief kurti. The long dress does nicely with brief and waist period ones.
5. Short knee duration kurtis combine properly with leggings to make the wearer look slender and trim.
6. Adventurous fashion has developed the tunic or kurti as a dress. Frock style kurtis serve for style at university parties and on informal occasions.


A – For striking it proper with kurti, the following ideas may be adopted.
1. Kurtis of linen, cotton, khadi fabrics are the ideal desire for office, and ordinary put on
2. Partywear kurtis are crafted with flowing and graceful materials like silk, georgette, brocade, chiffon, etc.
3. For the wedding ceremony and nighttime bash, Kurtis having adorned neckline, heavy work along with side stone, beads, pearls and sequins, and fancy lacework design at the end line, match.
4. Alternatively, to head relaxed and sober, plain kurti detailing with stunning motifs and patches could be the right preference.
5. Full sleeves, sleeveless, ¾ sleeves kurtis are for semi-formal events. Choice in necklines will be sweetheart neck, patterned neck, V neck, etc.


A – 1. Long kurti goes nicely with tight thin denim, trouser, and legging. Short, waist duration kurti looks properly on boot cut pants.
2. Plain goes properly with patterned jeans, pants, and trousers. Embellished kurti does properly on simple legging, churidar, and leggings.
3. For alluring look, kurti and backside colorings must contrast.
4. Short kurti fits a skirt. Embroidered kurti over-decorated skirt adds elegance. Additionally, dupatta or stole elevates enchantment.
5. Heels with kalidar or Anarkali fashion kurti presents perfect fashion and elegant enchantment, the best search for parties.
6. Flats go well with a couple of tight denim and kurti, making you look incredibly fresh and current. College ladies and working ladies select this fashion.
7. Dark kurtis simple and single-colored supply a lean appearance.
8. Kurtis, which are thick, vibrant, and carefully textured, make the wearer appearance out of place. Instead, they have to be of soft cotton or thin material and parent-friendly, which includes silk, polyester, and wool.
9. The perfect fit of kurtis adds attraction with shapely and curvy appearance. Loose or tight makes the wearer look ill at ease.
10. Short is right for the standard build. If the backside element and hips are heavy, long unmarried kurti is excellent.
11. Accessories play a critical component in dressing up. Mix and in shape jewelry, right cosmetics, elongated and asymmetrical shapes that make a face appear slim and long help. Round shapes Are to be avoided.


A – Short kurtis match sure kinds of ladies and in real situations.
– Short kurtis appearance suitable for long-legged women. – Jeans, trousers, or Capri are a definite hit with the short kurti.
– Slim ladies look exact in hemline kurtis and leggings mixture
– Cuts and patterns of kurtis are crucial in particular for the college-going crowd. It elevates them to fashionable chic and stylish.
– Besides, accessories like stole or scarf, funky rings, and sling bag supply the jazzy, extremely-mod look


A – Long kurtis are supposed for the tall types.
– Anarkali suits of ankle duration or three fourth ankle duration in shape pretty much any lady
– Bottoms like leggings, churidars, pajamas combine nicely with the lengthy kurti.
– Stylish and elegant, lengthy kurtis spell magnificence and appearance proper for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
– Accessories long kurtis with heels, the designer snatch diamond and gold ornaments make the wearer the cynosure of all eyes.


A – There is a unique form of attraction of the kurti that makes ladies younger and center aged to head for it.
1. Universally accepted – Indian society is a conventional yet present-day in outlook. Similarly, the kurti, notwithstanding its contemporary appearance, has an ethnic attraction to it. No wonder university girls and center aged ladies are equally cushty in wearing the kurti. It unearths favor as apparel for college wear, get-togethers, family functions, or maybe social gatherings. In desire colors and a touch of the golden glow that reveals approval with elders of the family, kurtis are a sure hit when it comes to Indian clothing.
2. The USP of the kurti is comfort. Not the suffocating embrace of tight becoming fabrics, nor, the unfastened drape that units off dowdy looks, the kurti in its variety and variety fits different activities and all situations. Working in a kurti is heaven to most girls.
3. Cost smart the kurti is just more than one hundred rupees to the dearer ones in silk and sequined at some thousands
4. Availability is in quite many colors, cuts, and designs. Pastel sunglasses or smooth tones, satins or cotton, some inches above the knee, or merely touching the waist, kurtis cater to all tastes.
5. Easily accessorized with junk jewelry or gold and silver, chained or beaded belts, worn with ballet footwear or sandals, the flexibility of the kurti is fantastic.
6. Kurtis are effortlessly customized at maximum locations to one’s flavor and match. And it is going well with a line of bottoms, be it a Patiala, leggings, salwar or churidar or maybe harem pants. Whether you wear something in overwhelmed lycra cloth for an ideal body-hugging match or a loose cotton kurti to permit your body to breathe, leggings in contrasting colorings and jeans in blue or black look great!


A – Kurti on denim is a far preferred aggregate that has been doing the rounds in fashion. You certainly have denim, cotton, and blend kurtis with original prints, innovative designs, textures, and motif styles. Denim kurtis do correctly with all forms of sunglasses, which include black, brown, and green. Sleeves – short, sleeve much less or puff type, neck styles with leaf, round, rectangular, mandarin or blouse collar types, pairing with denim, trousers, Capri, leggings, make the denim tunic a style statement.

You have prominent style designers reviving antique designs with a twist. There is likewise a hint of regal grandeur in a few introductions with heavy embroidery, varied stitches, and cloth. Some times, regional or local flavor also creeps inside the designs and patterns.